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Setting new standards for examination chairs

Setting new standards for examination chairs
Date: October 23, 2014
VELA Jive 100EF ENT Examination Chair is designed to facilitate the examination for the ENT doctor. With focus on easy accessibility, step less electric height adjustment and improved comfort for the patient while preventing injuries caused by excessive strain and awkward movements.


VELA Jive 100EF ENT is an examination chair designed to make consultation and examination more effective and ergonomic for the doctor. The doctor can raise, lower and rotate the patient without having to move. The high back and head support improves comfort for the patient.

The foot-operated electric height adjustment feature enables uninterrupted sterile procedures and therefore reduces treatment time. The hight provides better accessibility in e.g. ear examinations, without compromising the ergonomics.


VELA Jive 100EF frame, from Danish VELA Medical, is a ground breaking frame for the healthcare workers which can prevent injuries caused by excessive strain and awkward movements.

The remarkable assymetric frame gives good grounding and foot space for the doctor to get close to the patient without awkward movements.


◦ Allows the personnel to rotate the patient without having to move.
◦ Improved examination since the chair allows for raising and lowering the patient.
◦ The doctor obtains a more ergonomic workplace.
◦ Easy accessibility makes the examination faster.
◦ Foot-operated step less electrical height adjustment.
◦ Improved comfort for the patient due to the chairs high back and head support.

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