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Doctors chair for ear surgery

Ear Surgery

As requested by several specialists, we have developed VELA Jive with electric height adjustment of the seat, multi-adjustable armrests and an asymmetrical underframe.

The multi-adjustable surgery armrest can be set and locked in practically any position. This is particularly advantageous during long operations, when arms and legs are subject to significant strain. The upholstered seat and backrest provide optimal support to the pelvis, back and lumbar area, and can also be set so that the sitting position can be adjusted during the operation. The sitting height can be easily modified via the electric height adjuster, which is controlled by the feet to allow height adjustment during operations, while keeping the hands sterile.

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Chair for demanding or long procedures


VELA Jive provides optimal work conditions for healthcare personnel.

VELA has developed a chair that support arms, neck and shoulders during long procedures. VELA Jive 100 has multi-adjustable armrests, a backrest with good lumbar support and a unique asymmetrical base that provides free movement of the feet.
VELA Jive 100El with electric height adjustment of the seat, allows to change the seat height during procedures without compromising sterility.

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High-end hospital chairs

High-end hospital chairs

VELA Jive is designed for e.g. surgeons. The foot-operated electric height adjustment feature enables uninterrupted sterile procedures and therefore reduces treatment time.

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