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Take a seat - hospital chairs of the highest quality

VELA has the largest choice of hospital chairs on the market. Our products include chairs for healthcare workers and patients. We have sold chairs to the hospital sector since the 1950s; VELA is known for quality.

The requirements associated with hospital chairs are often more stringent than those of the traditional office chair. As a rule they are in use every day of the week, 24 hours a day often by different people, each with their preferred settings and functions. This means the chair must be able to withstand significant wear and tear.

VELA meets these requirements while fulfilling the need for an ergonomic, functional and comfortable product. We take into consideration the duress on mechanical parts and use fabrics that are particularly wear-resistant so that they remain attractive and serviceable for many years.

Comfort and ergonomics come first

Hospital chairs see service in a variety of departments; both staff and patients have particular requirements with respect to ergonomics and comfort, features which can prevent injuries caused by excessive strain and awkward movements. 

VELA chairs are developed to save effort for the healthcare worker and to contribute to the patient's own ability to cope. This provides greater satisfaction for the patient and frees time and effort for the healthcare worker.

  • VELA's focus on ergonomics and correct posture allows surgeons to work for longer since the VELA chair promotes a more appropriate work posture.
  • For nurses and office staff, ergonomic chairs support the back and ensure comfort at work. 
  • In occupational therapy in particular, patients need chairs that afford safety, peace of mind and optimal mobility.  


Ergonomic tailormade chairs since 1935 - see the staff chairs by clicking here. We have a range of office chairs, stools and stand/sit chairs

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