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VELA Samba 410 Back trainer


  • Height adjustment Gas
  • Staff chair
  • Patient chair

The VELA Samba 410 is simply unique. The special design of the stool's seat promotes movement in the back and lumbar region.

Samba 410 Technical section seat 1  The seat is the brainchild of designer Sofie Hemmert, who was inspired by the Pilates ball which is used by back-pain sufferers as a training tool. The stool has the benefits, but none of the disadvantages of the Pilates ball. It does not take up much space and you cannot fall off the stool. One further plus: the pad can easily be carried home or to meetings.

Prevention of back and lumbar pains
Constant motion while sitting trains the back, lumbar region and abdomen, increasing blood circulation. 

Samba 410 Technical section seat 2The pad is cut in a unique way, which means that it responds to the person sitting on the stool.

Sufferers of back/lumbar pain will find this invaluable. The stool is equally suited to kitchen or office, or simply as a smart additional workplace seat.

 Recommended by chiropractors "A wonderful invention!"

"As a therapist I have seen many different products. The construction of the VELA Samba 410, however, is special in that it combines a controlled rotating motion with a lifting of the sacrum, giving the body a forward boost. The patient's back is made to move, which is very beneficial. We recommend VELA Samba 410 as an additional treatment for patients with back and lower back problems," says chiropractor Niels Peter Carstens of the Chiropractic Clinic in Vejgård, Denmark.

Controlled back movement
The concept behind the VELA Samba 410 is the action of moving the upper body from side to side. This stretches muscles, increasing flexibility. 

High-end hospital chairs

High-end hospital chairs

VELA Jive is designed for e.g. surgeons. The foot-operated electric height adjustment feature enables uninterrupted sterile procedures and therefore reduces treatment time.

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