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VELA Latin 100 Office chair


  • Adjustable armrest width
  • Adjustable armrest height
  • Staff chair
  • Height adjustment of the backrest
  • Back tilt
  • Seat tilt
  • Height adjustment Gas



  • Black_YP 09Black_YP 09
  •  Petroleum YP 011 Petroleum YP 011
  • Dark grey YP 046Dark grey YP 046
  • Orange YP 076Orange YP 076
  • Light grey YP 081Light grey YP 081
  •  Purple YP 084 Purple YP 084
  • Blue YP 100Blue YP 100
  • Red YP 106Red YP 106
  • Brown YP 111Brown YP 111


  • Grey Apollo 910Grey Apollo 910
  • Black Apollo 147Black Apollo 147
  • Beige Ambla 031Beige Ambla 031
  • Memphis Blue 023Memphis Blue 023
  • Off white 56009Off white 56009
  • Blue 56037Blue 56037
  • Light grey 56021Light grey 56021
  • Dark grey 56040Dark grey 56040
  • Black 56024Black 56024
  • Dark blue 56023Dark blue 56023


  • Blue 014Blue 014

The VELA Latin 100 is a quality office chair in which VELA has invested their extensive knowledge and experience of ergonomic design. Our office chairs afford perfect lumbar support.

Extra comfort and ergonomic design are integral, of course

The firmly upholstered seat and backrest support the user and promote the correct posture while also allowing freedom of the arms and upper body.

VELA Latin 100 is a standard model affording perfect lumbar support.


User guidance

Pictograms on all handles illustrate its function, making use of the chair
intuitive. The angle and height of the back of the chair
are adjustable.


Determine your colour, for distinctive furniture

The VELA Latin comes in a wide choice of colours and upholstery fabrics. The standard cover is a polyester fabric, but microfibre, leather, wool and synthetic leather are also available.


  • The chair can be ordered with various sitting heights
  • The chair can be ordered with armrests
  • The chair can be ordered with various wheel types



High-end hospital chairs

High-end hospital chairs

VELA Jive is designed for e.g. surgeons. The foot-operated electric height adjustment feature enables uninterrupted sterile procedures and therefore reduces treatment time.

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